What does Code Sections 6055 & 6056 mean for Employers?

  • Affordable Care Act Employer Mandate
  • 1095 Tax Penalties

What are 2015 ACA Reporting Requirements for?

  • Forms 1094 A?
  • Form 1094 Transmittal?
  • Forms 1095 A, B, and C?
  • Forms 1095 eFiling?

What information must be reported on Form 1095-C?

  • Offerage of Coverage Code
  • Employer Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium, for Self-Only Minimum Value Coverage
  • Applicable Section 4980H Safe Harbor (if applicable)

Is Your Organization Prepared for ACA + 1095 Reporting?

With TotalACA, employers and TPAs can sleep better at night. Monitoring for Full-Time status and Form 1095 Reporting are complicated and detailed. Not to mention, it's due right after you finish open enrollment!


4 Keys Employers Need to Know About the New Form 1095-C

Travisoft’s Managing Director and former ERISA attorney, Lauren Fischer, delves deeper into what Form 1095 is, as well as our 4 Keys Employers Need to Know About Form 1095-C. This includes:

  • Who must file?
  • What must be filed?
  • What else is requested?
  • What is the filing deadline? 

Meet and Complete ACA Reporting Requirements

  • Meet & Complete ACA Reporting Requirements
  • Introducing Code Sections 6055 & 6056
  • What information must be reported?
  • What is TotalACA from Travisoft?

Powerpoint: Everything You Need to Know About the ACA’s Impact on Employers

All you need to know about the Affordable Care Act's impact on employers, including:

  • Brief Summary of the ACA
  • Basic Coverage Rules of the Employer Mandate
  • What is a Full Time and Part Time Employee under ACA?
  • Employer Tax Penalties
  • What is "Affordable" coverage?
  • What is "Minimum Value" coverage?

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