Workforce Analytics

Track employee full-time status with multiple look-back periods.

Decision Support

What-if simulations, FT status forecasting and penalty mitigation.

Import Participants

Populate your employer and insured data using a simple Excel document.

Verify Data

Automatic data validation for improved accuracy and compliance.

Generate Forms 1094 and 1095

A simple way to generate forms for both employees and employers. 

IRS eFilings

Our experts will submit your Forms electronically. This is a requirement if you are filing over 250 Forms.

Employee Notification Management

Send employee notices like the Initial Notice of Exchange via email with acknowledgement tracking.

Managed Import

Let our trained professional services team handle the population of your data as an additional service.

Compliance Support Services 

Our team will assist in handling any appeals and audits.

Is Your Organization Prepared for ACA + 1095 Reporting?

With TotalACA, employers and TPAs can sleep better at night. Monitoring for Full-Time status and Form 1095 Reporting are complicated and detailed. Not to mention, it's due right after you finish open enrollment!


4 Keys Employers Need to Know About the New Form 1095-C

Travisoft’s Managing Director and former ERISA attorney, Lauren Fischer, delves deeper into what Form 1095 is, as well as our 4 Keys Employers Need to Know About Form 1095-C. This includes:

  • Who must file?
  • What must be filed?
  • What else is requested?
  • What is the filing deadline? 

1095 Reporting: Prepare & File Forms 1094 and 1095 with Ease

  • What does 1095 Reporting mean for Employers?
  • What information must be reported?
  • What is TEN95 Reporting from Travisoft?

Powerpoint: Everything You Need to Know About the ACA’s Impact on Employers

All you need to know about the Affordable Care Act's impact on employers, including:

  • Brief Summary of the ACA
  • Basic Coverage Rules of the Employer Mandate
  • What is a Full Time and Part Time Employee under ACA?
  • Employer Tax Penalties
  • What is "Affordable" coverage?
  • What is "Minimum Value" coverage?

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