Who is Travisoft?

We believe in providing simple solutions to solve complex employee management functions. We strive to solve clients’ unique benefits administration needs with first-rate service combined with customizable solutions.

We invented the COBRA software industry when we were founded in 1986, shortly after the passage of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), and have remained a leader in the industry ever since. Quickly following our initial-platform release, we expanded our product-line, which now includes benefits administration software solutions covering COBRA administration software, Retirees, Direct Billing, Cafeteria Plans and more. With over 30-years’ experience, combined with an innovative team, Travisoft produces feature-rich, flexible, customizable products for companies of all sizes. From one of the largest third-party administrators in the country to many single employers, we create solutions that work specifically for you. 

Our solutions are so much more than an out-the-box software product. We recognize that every client has unique needs, so we have built our systems to be the most-flexible in the industry. Our Full Spectrum Analysis Tool gives you a tailored, customized solution that is easy to set up, providing flexibility with compliance. We also offer some very unique features and viewpoints that make us unique in the industry, too, such as our committment to our product and our partners, as well as need-to-have features within our systems. Our Specialized Services team is dedicated to partnering with clients for special needs, which then allows our clients to grow their businesses even more.

We pride ourselves on being First in Benefits Administration, First in Service, meaning we are dedicated to partnering with our clients and providing the support they need. Our customer-centered focus, along with the additional expertise of an in-house attorney, provides confidence within our clients and distinguishes Travisoft from others in the industry.

Travisoft is a part of Volaris Group Inc., a business that acquires, strengthens, and grows companies that are already market leaders in a niche industry. Today, Travisoft continues to operate as a separate entity.

What do we believe in?

At Travisoft, we have fundamental Core Values that guide our daily interactions with each other, our customers, and our vision for the future.

Investing in Service

  • Providing opportunities for employees to improve skills and grow their careers.
  • Creating an enjoyable work environment where all feel energized and productive.
  • Resulting in better products, support, and service for clients.

Innovating Solutions

  • Encouraging creative and forward-thinking ideas.
  • Allowing employees to push the barrier and maximize their talents.
  • Resulting in the most creative, efficient and simplest results for our clients and making Travisoft an undisputable leader in the industry.

Integrity First

  • Prioritizing honesty from all employees.
  • Promoting open communication throughout the entire organization and to clients.
  • Resulting in authentic relationships with our clients who see Travisoft as a partner they trust.