Solutions Focus: Choose the Experts in COBRA Administration

With Travisoft’s COBRA solutions, you get the pioneer of COBRA software. Travisoft invented COBRA administration software shortly after the inaction of COBRA in 1986, and reinvented it with the first web-based COBRA solution in 2005. You can feel confident that with Travisoft you have over 29 years of expertise plus a dedication to COBRA software. This is our bread and butter so we continue to provide innovative enhancements to the platform.

Let our COBRA solutions do the work for you! 

  • Never again worry about which QB needs to receive which letter when. With Travisoft’s internal time-tracking, all you do is activate the automatic processing, and our COBRA solutions generate the appropriate letters.
  • Once actions are completed in the system (for instance, when a new participant is added), letters are queued and the number of participants with letters waiting is displayed on the Correspondence Acceptance screen. From here, you can choose to generate and accept all or specific Employers' letters that are waiting in the queue.
  • Travisoft COBRA solutions track the complete COBRA lifecycle. After you enter a new COBRA event, the system knows when the enrollment period begins and ends, when payments are late, when a participant is past the grace period, and even triggers them for termination.

But - that's just the beginning. 

  • Eliminate processes on your end and save time by allowing Participants to login and manage tasks such as submitting payments or viewing due dates. Give your clients Employer access to help you add participants, payments, and Qualifying Events.
  • Skip manually entering data and use convenient importing features for Participants, Employees, Benefit Plans, and more to reduce human error.
  • Never wait when you have a problem with convenient Customer Support options, including live support by phone. This is one way we stand apart in the industry!
  • Completely customize your Reports with our new Report Builder tool. Any user-entered field can now be reported on.

Provide customized services with increased flexibility and options:

  • A Full Spectrum Analysis Tool allows you to administer COBRA the best way for you and your clients - tailor your solution specifically to your clients.
  • Edit options for a single employer, multiple employers, or all employers.
  • Customize your letters to fit your administrative and clients’ needs. You can modify wording, add bulleted, numbered lists, logos, barcodes, and more.
  • Advanced functionality, such as multiple payment options and emailing correspondence can also be limited per employer.
  • Host your own data with T-COBRA or let us host and update it with T-COBRAWEB.
  • You can also print the COBRA General Notice as an added service to clients!

Travisoft’s COBRA solutions combine legacy with innovation and compliance with flexibility. We provide a solution that allows you to administer COBRA your way. A COBRA solution should increase opportunities, not limit them, so our solutions are loaded with options to allow you to provide a specialized service.

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