Professional Support Services and Training for COBRA software, benefit software and more

Travisoft strives to be first in service, and we prove that by solving our customers’ needs through our Customer Support Options and Specialized Services. We believe in creating simple solutions for complex needs. That includes our software products, but it also extends to our in-house Travisoft Support team offering live phone support and our Specialized Services capabilities to provide solutions that continue to help our customers grow.

Customer Care

Maximize your use of Travisoft Systems with help from Travisoft Customer Care. Our Customer Care Representatives are all in-house, trained by Travisoft, so you know you are getting a Travisoft Team Member when you call. With live phone support Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm CST plus email and a self-service portal, you always have access to help when it's needed. We can proudly say that no other company in this industry offers this level of Support Services.

How to reach Customer Care:

  • Call to speak to a Customer Care Representative at 281.496.3737, and select Option 3. Please have your serial number ready.
  • Log into the Self-Service Portal anytime, and create a new case, or check an existing case's status. If you have lost your login information, or would like to request a login, please call our Support Department at 281.496.3737 Option 3.

Training Information

Travisoft systems are designed to be easy to learn and user-friendly; however, formal trainings are designed to assist you in getting the most from your Travisoft system. Training classes are thorough and complete, providing both new and experienced users with all of the tools necessary to efficiently operate their system. If you are new to any of our systems, have new personnel, or just need a refresher, our training sessions are an excellent way to maximize the successful implementation or ongoing use of any of our systems. 

For our T-COBRAWEB and T-COBRA systems, we offer on-demand training videos to keep users up-to-date with the latest system capabilities and enhancements. These are completely free and located within each system.

Travisoft also offers one-on-one trainings through webinars where you directly work with a trainer. You can feel confident that all trainers are Travisoft team members. With various levels of services, you can work with Travisoft to design a training that fits your needs. For more in-depth trainings or to improve systems and processes, the Travisoft team will even come on-site to help you and your team achieve your goals.

For more information on training classes, please call us at 281.496.3737, press Option 3, and ask for the Training Coordinator or you can email us at

Professional Services Request

Travisoft Professional Services allow you to work directly with Travisoft to create a new feature, report, or even for consulting services. With Professional Services, you can further customize your Travisoft product or continue to streamline your internal processes.

For many Travisoft clients, using Professional Services has allowed them to offer more services to clients; gain new business; or save time and money by using the Travisoft team to help complete a project such as importing a large number of participants.

To submit a Professional Services request, please complete the Professional Services Request Form. You can send your request form through e-mail to or fax your request form to 281.496.4022.

Virtual IT Technical Support

If you share IT resources, compete for IT's time, or do not have an in-house team, Virtual IT Technical Support is a great service for you. We can customize these services to meet your business needs and budget. No request is too small or large.

What can Virtual IT do for you? Download, save, or share our Virtual IT handout. Some services include (but are not limited to): Assisting in the installation, configuration, and usability of desktop computers, equipment, and software; working with vendor support contacts to resolve technical problems; interacting with numberous computer platforms in a multi-layered client server environment; determining and resolving issues from clients; and more.

If you need something that's not on the list, just email us and ask.

Customer Information

T-COBRAWEB customers can request to download the T-COBRA EULA by emailing