Solutions Focus: Easy-to-Use Direct Billing Solutions for Your Company

Provide many services through one software solution. Our first direct billing solution was introduced in 1989, and is still in use today by administrators across the nation. With over 20 years in direct billing solutions, feel confident that you are backed by a strong foundation as you provide these services to your clients.

Offer advanced services through Direct Billing Solutions 

  •   Automatic premium and bill coupon production saves you time and worry.
  •   Direct bank draft provides flexibility, advanced functionality, increases efficiency, and decreases late payments.
  •   Flexible billing schedule: elect to send notices monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  •   Reporting module allows you to track payments, participant status, and close out fiscal periods.

Consolidate multiple direct-billing purposes in one Travisoft solution. 

Manage the following direct-bill participants through just one software solution.

  •   Retiree billing
  •   Leave of Absence billing
  •   FMLA participants
  •   Active Employee billing
  •   Other individually-billed participants
  •   Set different classes to have unique billing settings

Manage historical data and forms. Go Green!

  •   Easily find historical letters for audit or re-printing.
  •   Keep electronic copies of checks, enrollment forms, etc, all within your direct-billing solutions.
  •   Never wonder what was printed or when with the automatic storage functionality.

Travisoft Direct Billing solutions give you flexibility and efficiency to provide first-rate, customized services to your clients or within your organization. All backed by a first-rate solution. With a long legacy, you get the confidence of a proven system with a partner dedicated to innovation.

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