Houston, TX -- Travisoft has great plans for the last half of 2014, and is delighted to announce some major new enhancements coming that will redefine COBRA Administration. Travisoft became the industry leader shortly after the enactment of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) and has remained so since, expanding their product suite to include both web and desktop COBRA solutions, Flex software, and Retiree and Direct Billing.

Travisoft distinguishes themselves the market by being a true partner as companies grow their COBRA, Retiree and Direct Bill businesses. Their enhancements to T-COBRAWEB are designed to further benefit their clients in growing their business and streamlining their resources. These new enhancements are scheduled to debut at the end of the year for Travisoft’s T-COBRAWEB Enterprise Edition. They include automated mail services; advanced importing; advanced reporting; customizable EDI 834 transactions; and enhancements to the disbursement process.

By the end of 2014, Travisoft will have an integrated solution in which clients’ correspondence files will be automatically send to a fulfillment partner for printing. Travisoft currently partners with a vendor in which customers can directly send correspondence files to be printed, but this is another way Travisoft is partnering with clients they continue to grow their business and need more automation.

Travisoft is also enhancing their T-COBRAWEB system through advanced importing features. They currently give users the ability to import new COBRA qualifying events, Retiree / Direct Bill participants and payments. This already decreases manual intervention and human error, but in 2014, the company is taking it to the next level and allowing for the importing of employers, benefit plans, rate changes and changes to participants.

Besides more importing features, Travisoft is also set to enhance their reporting module. There are already over 55 pre-defined reports for users to pick from in the current system. Each report provides different logic options and the ability to export into many file types. With Travisoft Advanced Reporting, users will be able to create custom reports using all customer-entered fields. This allows for a report to be made on any data in the system. These reports, both Pre-Defined and Advanced, can be modified to fit a user’s unique needs, even down to personalizing with colors or a logo. 

Electronic processes and automation are the future of any software. EDI 834 transactions allow for clients to maintain a leadership position in the marketplace. Travisoft is set to implement their EDI 834 transactions with customization. This will include a pre-formatted EDI 834 template, as well as allowing for the user to create a custom EDI 834 format per carrier. Following these enhancements, in 2015, will be the ability to automate transactions.

Finally, Travisoft has enhancements to the disbursement process scheduled for the end of the year. T-COBRAWEB already has a fully-functioning disbursement process that allows for clients to disburse to carriers, employers or a designation of their choice through ACH or through a printed check. These disbursements automatically withhold the two percent administration fee, and clients can allow to withhold any additional fees needs, as well. To further improve the disbursement process, Disbursement Groups and Templates are premiering. Disbursement Groups will allow clients to send one check to one place, even if it crosses employers or benefit plans. Disbursement Templates allow a user to set and save pre-defined requirements for how he or she runs disbursements. The user can then select the template each time they run disbursements, making it fast and easy.

Innovative Solutions is one of Travisoft’s Core Values, as such, they continually provide customers with these system improvements. These are done completely free of charge to existing customers, and are designed to help save them time and allow them to add new services to their business. At Travisoft, we want to be the resource that makes our clients successful. These new features will surely make our users distinct in the marketplace.

We know our customers want to be a leader, bringing their clients the most innovative and advanced services available, and T-COBRAWEB is the way we enable them to do this. Let us show you through a personalized one-on-one demonstration