Travisoft, the inventor and leader of COBRA software solutions, invites benefit administrators to see what is new in COBRA administration. Join a live, one-on-one webinar hosted by Travisoft to learn more about EDI-834 transactions, as well as to preview the latest in COBRA administration. See why these tools are becoming necessary in the industry, and how you can implement them in your cobra software.

In this webinar, “Seamless Communication with EDI 834’s and More Advanced Options for Time Management,” see how to seamlessly and effectively communicate with insurance carriers using customizable EDI 834 transactions via your COBRA administration system. These transactions have become the preferred method of carriers for accepting health insurance benefits enrollment information; however, each insurance carrier requires a slightly different EDI template. Learn the do’s and don’ts of customizing EDI files based on each insurance carrier’s preferences.

The webinar will also feature additional new COBRA must-haves for your COBRA software, such as expanded importing options; flexibility in payment timelines; and more robust reporting features. These functions will soon become necessary for COBRA administrators to speed up administration time and automate processes.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 834 transactions have been in place since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, and are a structured way to transmit data between computer systems, governed by standards that are extremely important for medical claims. Not only does the correct information need to be in the files, but they also need to be customized based on each carrier’s preferences. Travisoft’s EDI Customization and Generation Module allows users to build, modify, generate, and save templates per carrier within the COBRA administration software.

Travisoft invented COBRA administration software in 1986 and has been the leading provider ever since. Travisoft was and remains dedicated to being First in Benefit Solutions, and First in Service. The company’s cloud-based platform, T-COBRAWEB, allows COBRA administrators to provide unparalleled, customized COBRA administration service using a scalable, user-friendly, and fully automated COBRA solution. Travisoft continues to lead the way in COBRA solutions, by just recently launching two new software editions: SimpliCOBRA starting at $1,000.00 and a new edition specially designed for to host Benefit Broker's clients.

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