Houston, TX – Travisoft, the inventor and leader of innovating COBRA software solutions, has announced the launch of two new products to expand their software suite into new markets. Earlier this month, SimpliCOBRA and T-COBRAWEB for Benefits Brokers became available. Both products are designed to meet gaps in the industry and deliver superior solutions to those who once thought COBRA software was inaccessible.

For those needing just the basics of COBRA software, or trying to start a COBRA business, SimpliCOBRA is now available. Now, startups and smaller organizations can have all the benefits of an online COBRA software, on-demand, from a trusted COBRA software provider. Not only does the price-point make this tool available to a wider audience, but it is also available to buyers on-demand, within a matter of hours. SimpliCOBRA allows users to get COBRA notices out and premium payments in using a cost-effective COBRA platform all with the ease of the web.

Because it is an online, cloud platform, SimpliCOBRA can be accessed from any computer, at any time, with zero downtime. Monthly enhancements and updates are done by the Travisoft team to ensure customers meet any regulation change and keep ahead of the curve with must-have features. To preview SimpliCOBRA, please visit travisoft.com/SimpliCOBRA

For the first time, brokers now have a COBRA solution designed especially for them. Benefits brokers helped put this platform together to meet the needs of benefits brokers and their clients nationwide. T-COBRAWEB for Benefits Brokers offers the best in class solution for COBRA and State Continuation, completely cloud-based with monthly updates and enhancements.

T-COBRAWEB for Benefits Brokers allows brokers to host their COBRA administration clients on one comprehensive COBRA system. This software offers client-side administration, with the benefit broker acting as the Supervisory User; the broker can have as much or as little control as they would like. To request more information on this new tool, please visit: travisoft.com/benefitsbrokers

Travisoft is fully committed to developing innovative solutions to meet and exceed the latest industry standards. It is their commitment to COBRA administrators that continues to drive industry-leading enhancements. By listening to those who know the industry best, their customers, Travisoft continually launches new products and enhancements to give benefits administrators the tools they need to provide unparalleled service. The Travisoft team is readily available to discuss any enhancement or product opportunities. Please contact them today for more information.


Travisoft invented COBRA administration software in 1986 and has been the leading provider ever since. After adding Flexible Spending, Retiree Billing, Direct Billing, and the first cloud-based COBRA platform, Travisoft remains First in Benefit Solutions. The company’s cloud-based platform, T-COBRAWEB, allows COBRA administrators to provide unparalleled, customized, and scalable COBRA administration service. What started as a family-owned business has grown into a business unit of a publicly traded company, giving Travisoft financial stability combined with backing and resources to continue to produce Innovating Solutions. 

For more information on Travisoft’s COBRA administration solutions, please visit travisoft.com