Solutions Focus: Never Be Out of ACA Compliance with Notice of Marketplace Tools

The Affordable Care Act has many facets and regulations. Using Notice of Marketplace Solutions, you can check one regulation off your list and add a valuable service to your clients. Add the Notice of Marketplace to your COBRA solution to decrease entry-time and streamline your administration processes. With these options, you can add a service for current clients or gain new clients for a specific service!

Multiple options to generate the Notice of Marketplace:

Generate the Notice of Marketplace for new hires

When a new-hire joins the organization, upon entry, the Notice is automatically marked for generation in your next correspondence run.

Mass-notify classes of participants

You have plenty of options when it comes to administration, and through Notice of Marketplace Solutions, you can choose different classes for which to send the Notice. If you or your clients want to mass-notify current employees or pending COBRA participants, you can do so easily.

You are in control of your new-hire notices: COBRA General Notice and Notice of Marketplace

Manage new hires as you need for your clients and your administration business. With Notice of Marketplace Solutions, include the COBRA General Notice at the time the Notice of Marketplace is printed; at a separate time; or not at all if one is not needed for the participant.

Stay in control, and customize the Notice of Marketplace for your needs

  • Choose to include the optional page of the Notice or remove it completely.
  • Modify options and the Notice for all clients or customize per each client’s need.
  • Edit and customize the Notice of Marketplace by modifying wording, adding logos or text elements, and more. Customization options allow you to provide a specialized service to your clients. 

Maintain historical records

  • View individual electronic copies of a generated Notice of Marketplace.
  • Generate a Notice of Marketplace report for internal or external reporting needs.
  • View Notice of Marketplace employees’ information at any time, and even transfer them to a COBRA participant when needed.

Notice of Marketplace Solutions are a great way to add services to new clients and grow a different side of your business. With the vast number of people that are required to be notified, having a software solution with internal tracking is essential.

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