Increasing Revenue

When time is money, you know automation is the key to growing your business. Technology allows you to provide a higher level of service to your clients, while decreasing your team’s time spent administering for participants. 

Offering Full Administration Services

Take on additional clients without concern, knowing you can handle requests for COBRA and State Continuation (20 and over; and under); Flexible Spending; Direct Bill and Retirees; or even ACA Compliance and 1095 Reporting. Don’t leave money on the table. Your customers need these.

Company and Client Insight 

It’s your data, access it when you need. Monitor your numbers anytime, anywhere with cloud-based access, and build reports exactly the way you need them, then dig down into the granular data as needed. Or, see who made what change, and when, with advanced user tracking.

Reducing Risk

Compliance will never be an issue when you invest in a solution that quickly responds to regulation change. No two administrators or clients are alike, so let them tell you exactly how they want to interpret the laws all while remaining compliant.

Continuing Innovation 

When you value innovating solutions, it means you are constantly looking for the next best thing.  Likewise, when you partner with a company that strives to provide just that, you continually receive huge enhancements to your platform and enjoy expanded product offerings. 

Responding to Your Team’s Needs 

Efficiently managing an organization is no easy task, but you can rest assured when you make the decision to partner with a company who puts service first, you and your team’s needs are taken care of. That includes a free 90-Day Implementation Period; live, in-house phone support with hold times of less than a minute; a Professional Services team for any custom projects; and more!

C-Suite Resources

What to Consider When Growing Your COBRA Business

Just starting out in the COBRA industry? Recently acquired a new large client? There’s a lot on your plate, so how do you manage it all?

Travisoft’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Debra Dallmeyer, provides advice for businesses no matter what phase they are in. Whether you are starting a new service, in growth-mode, 
or an established enterprise, Debra guides you through each stage with important items to consider. 


The Compliance Office Customer Success Story

"We're not going to go anywhere. We're spoiled here." With his wealth of knoledge and expertise, clients entrust Bill and his team to stay on the right side of the law.


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a COBRA Software to Increase Profitability

This guide is designed to help you as you start to explore COBRA software options, and answers:

  • Why COBRA Administration Software?
  • What can COBRA software do for your business?
  • Core Features to look for
  • Questions to anticipate
  • How to choose the right solution for your company?

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