Investing in Service 

A Core Value of Investing in Service means a dedication to COBRA administration software. It means resources constantly working to deliver enhancements and monthly updates with no system downtime and always in compliance. It’s providing training and support for your platforms. That ensures your team can do their jobs easily, quickly and effectively. When forward-thinking Managers partner with a company who invests in Service, it means their team comes First. 

Client Management 

Happy clients stick around. Amazing customer service is achieved by offering clients more services and tools like credit card payments, Automated Mailing and Fulfillment, 1095 Reporting, or increased options, for example: participant and employer logins, to save time on their end. 

Customized Reporting 

What if you could cut your end of month reporting from a number of days each month to a matter of a few hours, once? It takes too much time and resources to compile specific reports on a one-off or even scheduled basis. Innovative managers like you have implemented tools like report subscriptions and configurable Report Builder reports to give their team more hours in the day.

Ensuring Compliance

Built-in, event-triggered COBRA notices that are updated when the Department changes the templates, as well as State Continuation (20 and over; and under), that is your expectation. While your platform should aid in compliance, it should not define exactly how you administer COBRA for your clients. You need flexibility within the confines of compliance.

Supporting Staff

Wouldn’t it be nice if your software company provided the same type of support that you give to your team? When support is a must, you need a platform that provides support by phone or online, whichever is convenient for your users. That means the task at-hand doesn’t stop because a question comes up.

Manage Processes with Utmost Efficiency 

With all of your data stored securely in one place, your processes can be streamlined. Accept payments through one system. Pull end of month reports through one system. Disburse payments back to carriers or employers through one system. You can even invoice clients your of your COBRA software, or add Automated Mailing and Fulfillment so you don’t have to worry about printing, stuffing and mailing your notices!

Manager Resources

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right COBRA Software for Your Team

This guide is designed to help you as you start to explore COBRA software options, and answers:

  • Why COBRA Administration Software?
  • What can COBRA software do for your business?
  • Core Features to look for
  • Questions to anticipate
  • How to choose the right solution for your company?

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