Improving Customer Experiences 

Happy customers = lifetime customers. That means providing the top-of-the-line services they need, always on-time reports, accurate premium reconciliation and disbursements, on-demand 24/7 access, and 100% compliance.

Administering for More with Less 

When time is money, you need full automation, from advanced importing to add and update participants, benefit plans, or plan rates; to accepting ACH and credit card payments; to disbursing payments; to gathering client reports. To continue receiving industry-leading tools, you must partner with company with a dedication to COBRA software. What does that dedication look like? It is monthly updates and enhancements made based on what administrators like you need and want.

Reconciling Payments 

What if you could manage all of your end-of-month payment reconciliation through the click of a few buttons? Calculate the payments that need to go back to your clients or carriers, including your two percent, and automatically cut the check or pull the ACH NACHA file. What time-savings does that give you? 

Optimizing Reporting 

Cut your end of month reporting down from four days to no time at all, like one innovative COBRA admin did, all by using report subscriptions. This tool enabled her to set up the reports she needed, on her schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), to run automatically and alert her and her client when they are ready. This was possible with just a few hours of set-up. 

Reducing Risk

Clients rely on you for compliance. With serious fines for noncompliance, you must respond quickly to new laws and letter changes. Partnering with a company with an in-house ERISA attorney means the most effective, quickest response to regulation change within our systems. That includes ACA Compliance Reporting, State Continuation updates, Health Care Tax Credit notices, and more.

Decreasing Human Error

Double entry, misspellings, incorrect addresses … oh my! Required notices generate when needed through internal time-tracking, participant-initiated payments are accepted, disbursements are run with a click of a button, even Automatic Mailing & Fulfillment can be incorporated so you never have to print, stamp, and mail another letter again. 

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