Product Focus: Streamline your benefits administration with these Travisoft benefits administration software products

For over 29 years, Travisoft products have given benefit administrators the power to increase revenue through new services while streamlining their benefits administration processes. Travisoft products bring solutions to your desk to simplify, automate, and integrate the complicated tasks of benefits administration.


  • Run efficiently with the ability to login from anywherethrough secure cloud technology! With T-COBRAWEB, our COBRA administration software, you don’t need to make back-ups, and updates are applied automatically by Travisoft with no system down-time.
  • Be a market-leader with advanced functions like participant and employer login, credit-card acceptance, and report subscriptions.
  • Manage COBRA your way with a full spectrum analysis tool to build out your COBRA administration software, customizable letters and login screens, and the built-in State Continuation.
  • Grow your business with scalable solutions. From a basic edition to platinum enterprise editions and everything in between, we have COBRA administration systems to fit your needs.

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  • Use your internal hosting with the desktop system T-COBRA. Manage your own backups and hosting internally with your IT team.
  • Feel confident with the first COBRA system on the market, and over 29 years of experience with a proven track-record.
  • Be in control by customizing your administration through internal flexibility and options, customization of letters, and add-on State Continuation as needed.
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Reduce client risk with ACA Compliance solutions.


  • Track and maintain availability, eligibility, enrollment and reporting using an interactive, easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Monitor Employee Full-Time Status with predictions, financial implications, and configurable alerts;
  • View workforce distribution of Medicaid Eligible, Enrolled, Waived, and Potentially Exchange Eligible.
  • See Offerage of Coverage Status Tracker; stay informed of your ALE trend for 2016.
  • Consolidate required information for annual reporting, then generate Forms 1094 & 1095.
  • Our experts will even submit your Forms electronically (a requirement if filing over 250 forms).
  • The support you deserve with convenient options. We will even assist with any appeals or audits.
  • Competitive pricing – whether your employee population is 20 or 20,000.

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  • Populate your employer and insured data using a simple Excel document.
  • Calculate coverage codes required for 1095 Reporting
  • Generate Forms 1094 and 1095 for both employees and the IRS
  • Option to file your Forms electronically.
  • This comprehensive ACA compliance manager is more than just preparing and filing your Forms 1094 and 1095 – ability to track your workforce with analytics and decision support.
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Stay competitive with Cafeteria-Plan services 


  • Manage multiple plans and clients all in one system. T-FLEX allows you to administer all types of Cafeteria Plans and even multiples.
  • Provide modern solutions with debit cards. Interface exclusively through Evolution1 to save you time and paper with claims processing while providing elite solutions.
  • Efficient top-to-bottom administration. You can run payroll deductions; apply employer contributions; process, deny, and appeal claims; print claim check or debit by ACH; and run reports for fiscal-period processing.
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Streamline all Direct-Billing 


  • Save time by administering all direct-billing needs. Maximize flexibility and manage Retiree Billing, Leave of Absence, FMLA, and any other type of direct-bill need.
  • Organize participant types for ease of use. Assign different participant types to their unique billing settings.
  • Reduce paper and increase tracking with the optional Document Storage and Retrieval module. Upload documents and re-print letters with the DSR.
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