Product Focus: Benefit administrators can bill all direct bill participants for simple benefit administration with T-BILL

Make retiree billing simple and efficient with the T-BILL system! T-BILL has been the trusted solution for employers and administrators for over 20 years! This premium-billing system is quick and easy to use, with customized options that allow you to control your billing processes.

Advanced Functionality:

With T-BILL, Travisoft has made direct-billing simple, but with advanced features that give you a competitive edge.

  • Automatic premium and bill coupon production
  • Direct bank draft
  • Flexible payment entry
  • Flexible billing schedule: elect to send notices monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually
  • Reporting module

Multiple Participant Classes:

The flexibility of T-BILL allows you to administer for multiple direct-bill participant types.

  • Retiree-Billing
  • Leave of Absence Billing
  • Other individually-billed participants
  • Allow different classes to have unique billing settings

Document Storage and Retrieval Module (DSR)

Reduce paper files and increase tracking with the DSR module.

  • Automatically store a digital file of every document printed out of T-BILL
  • Scan in letters and forms sent in by participants
  • Track which letters and invoices are printed and when

With T-BILL you can administer all your Direct-Bill participants in one system. T-BILL takes a seemingly complex administration process and simplifies it to save you time.

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