Product Focus: Streamline your COBRA administration with T-COBRA COBRA software 

T-COBRA was proudly the first COBRA/HIPAA administration software solution on the market. With customizable features and a user-friendly interface, this automated system allows you to easily administer your COBRA benefits from your desktop. With our add-on modules, you can do more with less work.

Benefits Made Easy

T-COBRA is an automated COBRA administration software.

  • Automatically generate notices, coupons, and correspondence 
  • Internal time-tracking: No need to keep up with notification dates yourself!

T-COBRA automatically generates:

  • Enrollment forms
  • Notification letters
  • COBRA General Notice
  • COBRA Election Notice
  • Rate Change Notice
  • Billing and payment notices
  • Over 50 other letters are also available

Customized to Fit Your Administrative Needs

T-COBRA has over a hundred options to streamline your dailyCOBRA administration operations. 

  • Customize correspondence for all employers or for individual employers.
  • Options can be modified per employer-group or by benefit plan. This is not a one-size-fits-all system!
  • Our Specialized Services department can help further customize your system with features or functions that are unique to your operations, at an additional fee.

You Host the Data

If you need a system hosted on your servers and maintained by your IT, T-COBRA is the solution for you.

But Wait There’s More – T-COBRA has two modules to help you:

Document Storage and Retrieval Module

  • Decrease worry with the automatic storage of all letters printed.
  • Increase efficiency with the ability to scan in documents such as checks or enrollment forms.

State Continuation Modules

  • Never wonder if you can comply with a state's continuation by adding on state modules.
  • Pick and choose only the state-modules you need, or purchase a package.
  • State modules are available for either fewer than 20 employees or 20 or more employees.

Travisoft invented COBRA administration software with T-COBRA and is still dedicated to COBRA software solutions to this day. With almost 30 years of service, T-COBRA has streamlined COBRA administration and helped administrators and employers all over the country.

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