COBRA Administration Software that Works the Way You Need It To

Provide unparalleled, customized COBRA administration service with a flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Log-in anytime, anywhere to access the comprehensive and leading COBRA administration software. With different editions to choose from, maximize your budget and resources, with a scalable solution that grows with your company.

Saves you the hassles and headaches

COBRA Administration is a complex process full of regulations and timelines. Put your mind at ease with: 

  • Customer Support options including live phone support to assist you when you need it
  • 90-Day Implementation period to help get you familiar with your new software
  • Free monthly training webinars
  • Full Spectrum Analysis Tool to tailor your system to you and your specific clients. Flexibility meets compliance!
  • Audit and time tracking 
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive, time-saving entry 
  • Automatic generation of notices and letters
  • Letter and payment processing 
  • Disbursement-management 
  • Quick response to regulation change

Gives you the competitive edge

Our clients have a drive to always be a leader in solutions and services provided to their clients. Choose the bells and whistles in your COBRA system such as:

  • Email correspondence to Participants 
  • Employer and Participant online enrollment 
  • Credit card payments and ACH draft options  
  • Ad-Hoc Report and Report Subscriptions
  • Direct-Billing module for Leave of Absence, Maternity Leave, Retirees, and more.

For a more comprehensive list of features please see our Edition Comparison.

Run efficiently

In our fast-paced world, the easier a system is to use, the better a result. Monthly system releases make our COBRA administration software faster and simpler to use, and provide inherent features designed to save customers time. Here are just a few features designed to save you time and resources:

  • Employer logins allow Employers to run their own reports, enter their own events, and view their Participant information. 
  • Participant logins allow participants to enroll online, make payments, and look up due dates to answer their own questions! 
  • Access the system from anywhere in real-time through secure cloud-technology, and updates to the system are made by the Travisoft team with no down-time and no user intervention.
  • Advaced Importing allows for adding and updating Participants, Employees, Payments, Benefit Plans, and Plan Rates.

You are in Control

No two Employers are alike. No two Benefit Plans are the same. If Employers and Benefit Plans aren’t one-size-fits-all, why should your COBRA administration solution be? Be in control of your services with flexible, customizable options:

  • A Full Spectrum Analysis Tool designs your system exactly  or at the per-Employer and per-Plan level.
  • On-demand customization when you edit letters in real-time using Microsoft Word.
  • Personalized login screens for Employers and Participants.
  • Work directly with the Travisoft team through Specialized Services for need-to-have features, reports, and more.

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