Product Focus: Simplify ALE reporting requirements and file 1094 and 1095 for ACA compliance with 1095+

Many employers have been left scrambling to find a solution for the Affordable Care Act’s new health care reporting requirements. With Internal Revenue Code Sections 6055 and 6056, Applicable Large Employers must show minimum essential coverage was offered for coverage effective 2015 with Forms 1094 and 1095.

On the surface, it seems straightforward, but the amount of information, methods, and situations to be considered are infinite. 

Form 1095 Required Information

  • Employers must track a large amount of information throughout the calendar year, and provide in a single Form 1095-C filing.
  • Employer-identifying information (contact information, number of fulltime employees for each month during the year)
  • Employee-identifying information (name, address, SSN)
  • Offerage of coverage code
  • Employee Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium
  • Name, Taxpayer Identification Number, and coverage months
  • Applicable safe harbor used to demonstrate affordability of coverage

A holistic approach to ACA Compliance 

  • Workforce Analytics - Track employee full-time status with multiple look-back periods
  • Decision Support - What-if simulations, FT status forecasting and penalty mitigation
  • Import Participants - Populate your employer and insured data using a simple Excel document
  • Verify Data - Automatic data validation
  • Generate Forms - A simple way to generate Forms 1094 / 1095 for both employees and the IRS with correct coverage codes
  • IRS eFilings - Our experts will submit your Forms electronically
  • Employee Notification Management – Send employee notices like the Initial Notice of Exchange via email with acknowledgement tracking

Data Collection and Management

  • Data Mapping Services- We’ll manage the population of your data
  • Verify Data - Automatic validation and alerts based on 12 elements
  • Data Storage - Archive data and results for at least seven years

The support you expect

  • Compliance Support Services - Assistance with any appeals or audits
  • Personal Support - Support that is convenient for you
  • Access Anytime, From Anywhere - Cloud-based so you can log-in using an computer with internet access

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