Solutions Focus: Manage Retiree billing and benefits administration with easy-to-use benefits administration software

Offering Retirees healthcare is a way for employers to show appreciation for long-term dedication and loyalty to their organization. Benefits adminstration for Retirees takes a special level of care and commitment. Management and regulations of Retirees is diverse across all employers, so you need benefits administration software flexible enough to handle the task. 

Retiree Billing solutions do more than just provide a one-size-fits all approach to Retiree Billing. Atract clients of all shapes and sizes with the confidence you have a customizable and flexible solution.

Streamlined processes means increased efficiency.

  •   Automatic correspondence generation plus premium and bill coupon production saves you time and worry.
  •   Internal time tracking means you never have to remember or track which Retiree owes a payment when.
  •   Reporting module allows you to track payments, Retiree status and close out fiscal periods.

Flexible functionality allows you to provide more retiree-billing services to more clients.

  •   ACH draft provides flexibility, advanced functionality and increases efficiency.
  •   Elect for participants to receive notices, coupons or no billing at all.
  •   Flexible billing schedule: elect to send notices monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  •   Customize letters for your administrative or clients’ needs.
  •   Participant classes: group participants who may need a different notice due to length of service or other classifications separately.

Decrease paper and increase efficiency with document storage!

  •   Automatic storage of letters allows you to re-print easily.
  •   Upload copies of checks, enrollment forms and more directly into your Retiree Billing solution.
  •   Never wonder what was printed or when with the automatic storage functionality.

Multiple termination options allow you to manage Retirees your way.

  •   Automatic Termination at a certain age allows you to set the age once and forget about it. (*available in our web platform)
  •   Manual individual termination means you can end coverage for individuals as needed.
  •   The Termination Process allows you to determine how many days late in which to terminate Retirees.

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