Travisoft Security and Technology

Travisoft takes data security very seriously, and we have implemented and continue to maintain cutting-edge and industry-leading security technology measures. In 29 years, Travisoft’s defenses have never been breached. This is a track record we value and pride ourselves on, and one we intend to keep!

Below are a few of the security and technology features that have put us among the best in the business.

Infrastructure - Redundant, Scalable, and Secure
We’re committed to ensuring that you are able to use Travisoft’s web solutions with minimal disruption in service, 24x7x365. You get the peace of mind that comes from our superior data security and uncompromising reliability. We have an enviable track record of high availability.

Multiple world-class data center locations
Ensures that your data and our systems are in safe hands. We have carrier-grade datacenters!

Real-time replication across data centers
We use the latest in internal private cloud technology to balance data and users across our highly available infrastructure.

Automated failover, regularly verified
Applications can be accessed even if one of our communications or web applications servers becomes temporarily inaccessible.

Backup & Recovery
Travisoft uses industry-standard backup policies to make sure your data is secure. We do incremental and complete backups regularly and automatically.

Business Continuity Planning
Travisoft systems' architecture is designed and tested to provide automatic and complete site failover, with multiple sites having the capacity to run the load simultaneously. This means that in the event of an on-site natural disaster, Hurricane Ike for instance, our systems remain live and unharmed. This was tested and passed when Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008.

Upgrades are inevitable - Installing them isn’t.
With Travisoft's SaaS, upgrades are defined, tested and rolled out responsibly and transparently. As a result, you can have peace of mind in knowing Travisoft systems have longevity. We maintain the software; we do the work; and you enjoy the enhanced interface across your enterprise.

System Performance
At Travisoft, we’re passionate software users, and we expect the applications that we depend upon to be extremely fast, as well as reliable. We continually test and monitor all aspects of our systems’ performance.Tuned System Architecture ensures that different components work in harmony, with batch-processing jobs such as reporting being segregated from real-time functionality, and database and web application layers that are separately hosted to allow for their differing hardware and operating system demands.

High R&D investment
Our R&D Team has a passion for continually pushing the boundaries of speed without compromising reliability. This is why Travisoft applies the latest core technologies to enhance the performance of its applications.

We recognize that our fast and highly-available applications need to be underpinned by rock-solid security, and as such, Travisoft employs the latest firewall and intrusion technology to continuously monitor any unauthorized attempts to access our systems. Our technical team accesses the application servers using encrypted communications (2,048-bit public key cryptography).

Furthermore, our world-class data centers keep our systems safe and secure by using extensive biometric security, video surveillance monitoring, 24×7 security staff, pre-action fire-suppression systems, and water leak detection sensors.

PCI Certified Merchant - Level 4

For more details about how we keep our clients' data safe and secure, please call 281.920.6363 or submit a request for more information