Open Enrollment is a great time to reassess how you’re using the system. Below is a quick list of underutilized system features that can help you provide a better value to your customers and automate your day-to-day functions:

  1. Client/Employer and PQB online access – Empower your employers and participants to access their records online. Employers can enter new events, gain copies of notices, see account information and run reports. PQBs can see their account status and even elect coverage and make payments all online.
  2. Employer Document Upload – Storing commonly used employer documents is available right within the employer record, never lose track of it again!
  3. Employer Options Configuration for Customized Administration – Use the wide variety of Employer Options to customize your administration for each client. Use the Global Options for a quick overview on how each client is configured.
  4. Electronic Payments by ACH or Credit Card – ACH Payments by NACHA file or processed through our Payment Processing Partner, Primoris, along with Credit Card payments. And, you can configure your pass-through fees for Electronic Payments.
  5. Premium Disbursement – Let’s face it, payments have to be reconciled anyway, so why not let the system do the work for you? With flexibility to issue premiums to the carriers or employers (or both), disbursing premiums have never been easier.
  6. 834 EDI Files – Using our customizable 834 EDI files can eliminate the manual eligibility process for carrier reinstatements and terminations by automating the process for you.
  7. File Imports – Importing files can save your organization hours upon hours of work from manual entry.
  8. Report Builder – Can’t find the exact field or report you’re looking for? Build your own! The report builder is a terrific tool to get information you want at the tip if your fingers.
  9. Correspondence Customization – There’s no better way to spread the love to your clients than providing them their own customized version of Correspondence.
  10. Client Fee Invoicing – Let our system calculate your monthly invoice fees for clients and print them right out of the system. Want to send it via email? No problem – We’ve got you covered!

Not sure if you’re maximizing efficiencies in each of these areas? Set up training with Travisoft Customer Care to establish the best OE processes and increase your automation and efficiencies!