Millions of workers take FMLA every year—in 2012, the number was 14 million—and this is in addition to all the retirees and other participants who need a direct payment option for health insurance. That’s a lot of business to be earned and a lot of payments to manage. So, the question isn’t whether you need Direct Bill software. The question is how to find the right software.  

When selecting the best Retiree/Direct Bill software, you need a single system that will let you manage all direct bill participants, including retirees, workers on leave of absence, FMLA participants and active employees.

For a convenient, streamlined experience, look for a COBRA software solution with a Direct Bill module. This way, all of your administration tasks can be completed in one synchronized system. Trying to manage Retirees as COBRA participants can result in work-arounds that decrease your efficiency.

You also need a fast, automated system to help you handle today’s large number of participants. Automated premium and bill coupon production will save time and reduce the risk of errors. Automatic payments will reduce the occurrence of late payments, giving you one less issue to worry about.

Because no two companies are alike, flexibility is also key. You need flexible billing that allows for quarterly, weekly or bi-weekly schedules. You also need flexible classes, allowing you to assign billing types and notices to entire classes so you don’t have to create rules for each individual. Also look for flexible termination options, such as whether or not to terminate for late payments.

These are just a few of the issues to consider when selecting the best Retiree/Direct Bill software.

Travisoft has the expertise and experience you can count on for convenient, reliable software solutions. Our first Direct Billing solution, introduced in 1989, and continuously enhanced since then, is still in use by administrators throughout the country today.   

To learn more about how you can speed up Retiree and Direct Billing administration with synchronized software, download our Buyer’s Guide