To help you get to know the Travisoft team, we’re starting a new Employee Spotlight feature in our blog. Today’s Employee Spotlight features Yvonne Salazar, Sales and Account Consultant.

What are your key functions with Travisoft?

As a Sales & Account Consultant, I nurture sales opportunities, working as the customer’s advocate. I help with proposal packages, demos of our tools and price negotiations to help grow each client’s business.

What brings meaning to your role?

Sharing knowledge and truth about our helpful software and tools.

What makes a good day for you?

Accomplishing daily goals, spending time outside, and iced coffee!

What do enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy drawing and going to music festivals.

Tell us about your pets or family.

I’m a dog mom to a 2-year-old pup named Boston. He loves whipped cream, running in circles after bath time, and watching bird videos.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York City.

What’s your favorite comfort food when you want to celebrate a good day or a holiday?

Strawberry cheesecake

What’s something you hope our customers know about you?

I believe in helping one another in any role we find ourselves in, because we’re all humans trying to make it through each day.

Please include a photo of people, places or hobbies you love.

Here’s a photo of me visiting NYC for Christmas with my family!