The workforce has changed. Many benefit administrators don’t want to return to the office. They’ve proven that they can excel in a remote or hybrid arrangement, and they enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes from working from home. Other teams are dealing with reduced staffing, increased turnover and tight budgets. So how do you handle COBRA notices and other important mail when you don’t have enough people in the office? With print fulfillment services, it isn’t a problem.

The Benefits of Remote Benefit Administration

There’s a lot to love about remote work. Employees don’t need to deal with the hassle of the daily commute. They can save money on lunches and gas, and unless they have to dress up for a Zoom meeting, they can wear whatever they want.

Employers may benefit, too. Although many employers have worried that their workers will be less productive if no one is around to monitor them, according to Stanford, research from before the COVID-19 pandemic showed that remote workers actually saw a 13% performance increase. They took fewer breaks and sick days, and they could accomplish more work because they had a quieter work environment. They also reported better work satisfaction and reduced turnover.

When workers are offered remote options, they often jump at the chance. Whether or not remote work is available can also affect employment decisions. According to McKinsey, 87% of employed survey respondents took an employer up on an offer to work remotely if it was offered, and job flexibility including remote work was one of the top three motivators for finding a new job.

Remote COBRA Administration

Not all jobs are suited for remote work, but benefits administration seems like a good candidate for work-from-home arrangements. Most of the work is done in an office using a computer, so it shouldn’t really matter if the work is done from a home office or a shared office.

In light of this, many benefit administrators and TPAs are likely eager to keep working from home. There’s just one issue – how do you handle COBRA notices when you’re working remotely?

A home office is not equipped to handle COBRA notices. It’s not just the lack of printing supplies and equipment – although that’s an issue. It’s also the lack of security in the typical home office. And you still have to go out to mail the notices.

Delaying COBRA notices isn’t a good idea, either. There are strict notification requirements, and if you miss a deadline, you could be looking at a penalty of $110 a day. To avoid issues, you want to send out the required notices in a timely fashion.

You Don’t Have to Force Workers Back into the Office

The problem created by COBRA notices is real, but you can solve it without forcing benefits administrators and TPAs back into the office. You just need print fulfillment services.

With print fulfillment services, your COBRA notices and other pieces of mail are sent to a secure facility that handles all of the printing, packing and delivery for you. Wherever you’re working, you can monitor the entire process with status updates and timelines.

What If Your Team Isn’t Remote?

If your team uses remote or hybrid work arrangements, print fulfillment can be a lifesaver. However, even if you don’t use remote work arrangements, print fulfillment can be a smart option.

Print and mail services can come in handy if you ever find yourself short-staffed. If someone suddenly quits or goes on leave, you’re COBRA notices will still go out on time.

The list of benefits goes on. By choosing a dedicated print fulfillment service, you reap the benefits of a streamlined and secure facility. You don’t have to devote space to print equipment and stacks of paper, and you don’t have to spend money on equipment repairs and supplies. You can also save money with a pre-sorted mailing rate.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Print/Mail Headaches

Benefit administration pros are enjoying remote and hybrid work arrangements. With print fulfillment services, they can rest easy knowing their important letters are being handled by print/mail experts.

Travisoft’s print fulfillment services can increase your efficiency, lower your costs and limit your risks. You maintain control over your mail with the ability to customize your instructions and track the progress of your communications.