As a third-party administrator, you need flexibility, adaptability and scalability in your COBRA administration software. Of course, you have to be able to add new clients with ease. You also have to adapt your processes for the unique expectations and nuances of each client. These are challenges that Leslie Read-Weitz faced firsthand when she worked as a health and benefits administration manager.

When she and her colleagues first began searching for new COBRA software, her expectations weren’t high. In fact, she was dead set against the Travisoft conversion at first. She simply didn’t think the system could efficiently deliver, based on her experiences with her company’s existing legacy system.

It can be hard to imagine a better way before you’ve actually experienced the difference, and this was certainly true with Leslie. In her words, “the scalability and the flexibility of the system and the features and functions really took us to a whole different level of administration that I didn’t know existed.”

Leslie was so impressed by her experience with Travisoft that she decided to join the company in 2014. As a raving fan of the Travisoft, she knew she was well-equipped to tell the company’s story. She also had several ideas on how to make the product even better! Watch Leslie’s story in the video below:

What Makes Travisoft Different?

In Leslie’s words, “The most unique thing about Travisoft is the lack of red tape that we have as far as being able to effect change.”

It’s true – Travisoft offers small-company agility backed by big company support! Whether clients need formal training classes, virtual IT technical support or a phone call with customer care, help is never far away. With Travisoft professional services, clients can access help with unique projects and further customize Travisoft products to meet their unique requirements.

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