You want to reduce your workload, but you also want to maintain control of your work. It seems like an impossible goal. With lockbox services, however, it is possible. Outsourcing your check collection with lockbox services results in less work for you, but it doesn’t require giving up control.

Your Concerns About Outsourcing

You know you can’t do everything yourself, but you worry that outsourcing check collection will lead to problems. What if you need to reject a check? What if you have to pull a letter?

These are understandable concerns, but you can relax. Outsourcing your check collection doesn’t mean you’re no longer involved in the process. It simply means you’re streamlining the process by letting experts handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks. But you still have access to the process and control over the quality.

The Benefits of Lockbox Services

With COBRA recipients, retirees and anyone else who uses direct payments for benefits, your company may be processing a significant number of checks each month. As a result, check collection can eat up your company’s resources. These resources could be better used elsewhere.

Lockboxes services provide a practical alternative to in-house payment collection. Checks are sent to a Post Office Box, and electronic payments are also accepted. By outsourcing paycheck collection to specialists, you achieve these great benefits:

  • Save time, space and money.
  • Process checks faster, so payment isn’t delayed.
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes.
  • Rest easy knowing check are processed in a secure, PCI-compliant environment.

Give It a Try

You’ve seen how using lockbox sources allows you to reduce your workload while maintaining control over quality – but maybe you’re not convinced yet. Perhaps it even sounds too good to be true, and you need to experience it yourself before you’re convinced.

That’s a great idea.

Using lockbox services doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you’re not ready to dive in just yet, you can test the waters first by dipping your toes in the pool.

Here’s how. Sign up for lockbox services, but only offer it to a couple of clients at first. As you become more familiar and confident with the services – and as you see how much easier the services make payment collection – you can gradually expand the service to more clients.  This way, you’ll enjoy the advantages of outsourcing payment collection, without the stress that comes from thinking you’re giving up control. Download our lockbox capabilities sheet to learn more.