A recent malware attack known as “WebCobra” has been making headlines. While this name is similar to our product, T-COBRAWEB, we want to assure you that it is completely unrelated. Travisoft is not associated or connected with the WebCobra malware in any way.

Travisoft’s T-COBRAWEB is a SaaS platform used to manage benefits administration. Protecting your data is Travisoft’s highest priority. Rest assured that Travisoft systems are constantly monitored and audited, with regular penetration and vulnerability testing to protect against these types of infections.

How to Keep Your Computer Safe

Most malware is installed with other downloaded applications as a hidden package. Before downloading any software to your computer, scan and test it for malware. Verify that the software is from a reputable vendor and approved for use by your management team and/or IT administrator before installation.

This new malware, WebCobra, is designed to use your computer’s processors to mine for bitcoins. Like most malware, this process will slow your computer down and make it difficult to use. The purpose is for the attacker to make money at your expense by collecting bitcoins and using your computer systems and power to do the work. According to McAfee, these infections have been identified in the United States and throughout the world.

How to Check for Infection

The easiest way to see if you may have been infected is to check your CPU usage in Windows. While it is normal for CPUs usage to occasionally reach 100%, it should not be at 100% for hours or days at a time.

Additional Information

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