The issue has been blamed on human error.

How often do see those words? They come up in news stories about everything from plane crashes to medical disasters. Humans make mistakes. When it comes to COBRA, those mistakes can lead to costly fines. The good news is that you can reduce the odds of a mistake by obtaining two key things: great software and great training.

Great software is a good start.

You can use calculators to prevent math errors and automated braking systems to prevent crashes. These technologies help tremendously, but they’re not foolproof. If you hit the wrong button, your calculations will still come out wrong. And even if you have a car with the most cutting-edge safety technology currently available, you still have to focus on the road while driving.

Likewise, you can use a sophisticated software program to prevent many COBRA mistakes. COBRA administration software can:

  • Automate data importing
  • Automate open enrollment
  • Generate letters
  • Include print fulfillment
  • Provide federal and state regulation compliance updates

These features are essential to reducing human error. After all, the more that the system automates for you, the fewer chances you have to make mistakes. Automation also saves time, which means you won’t be overworked and exhausted. This can help you avoid mistakes, too.

But you’re still entering information and making decisions. To enter the information correctly, and to make the right decisions, you need to understand COBRA.

COBRA training is essential.

Imagine sitting in the driver’s seat of a car equipped with today’s most advanced driver assist features – but not knowing how to drive. Without that basic knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to operate the car safely. You would need driving lessons.

Now try to imagine someone trying to administer COBRA without training. Do you think that person would know the following?

  • Who has to comply with COBRA?
  • How do you offer COBRA coverage?
  • How do you calculate COBRA premiums?
  • How do you pay for COBRA?
  • How does COBRA apply to FSAs and HRAs?
  • How do mergers and acquisitions impact COBRA?
  • What are the alternative coverage and retiree issues?
  • How does COBRA interact with Medicare, the FMLA and the ACA?
  • What are the differences between COBRA and state continuation laws?

Clearly, some training is needed. In fact, even someone with some training and experience may need to brush up on some of these complicated issues. To ensure your team has the knowledge required, you can encourage them to earn a COBRA Administration Specialist (CAS) designation.

Receive your COBRA training and certification now.

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