Open enrollment (OE) is the single biggest event for administrators each year, with 75 percent of the OE work volume hitting between October and December.

There’s no better time than now to prepare for a smooth OE season. Take a moment to reflect on what happened last year. Use the OE statistics from last year to learn from any mistakes and plan a strategic approach for this year. Evaluate the easiest path from point A to point B. Look for opportunities to minimize touches and increase automation. And, don’t let employers forget their COBRA participants. All too often, COBRA members are an afterthought.

As you prepare for OE, consider these 10 tips for greater success:

  1. Plan the entire process in advance. Think about how long each step of the process will take, and back into your timeline.
  2. Considering offering flat rate OE packages with a “Per Participant” cost.
  3. Create clear, concise templates for OE letters and samples for election forms, notices, summaries and other key tools. Make sure to capture the correct information regarding benefit plan options and changes.
  4. Build your client renewal list and create a plan to contact them EARLY.
  5. When you meet with clients, talk about more than just OE. This is a prime opportunity to upsell, show value and learn more about the client’s business goals.
  6. Formulate a workflow strategy and clarify roles and responsibilities within your team so you’re ready to handle the busy season with ease. You may need to host a refresher training for your team on key processes. Make sure everyone knows how to leverage your Travisoft tools to automate key functions.
  7. Create an FAQ document to cut down on calls regarding common questions.
  8. Stagger OE for clients, so that not all your volume goes out and comes back in at once.
  9. Use system tools to automate as much as possible – reports, letters, rate changes, etc. Tip: Don’t leave money on the table – use our Client Fee Invoicing to set up or review annual setup fees, rate fees, renewal fees and OE fees.
  10. Set up a Quality Control system to cross-check renewal updates.

Have questions? Set up training with Travisoft Customer Care to establish the best OE processes and increase your automation and efficiencies!