Upgrades result in 75% time savings while limiting compliance risk

Travisoft has announced two revolutionary upgrades to its COBRA Administration software, T-COBRAWEB. The software, used by third party administrators, brokers and employers of all sizes, now includes an open enrollment management platform and print fulfillment for COBRA participants, retirees and the direct bill audience. These upgrades streamline two of the most labor-intensive processes in benefits.

Open enrollment season is typically the busiest time of the year for HR professionals and benefits administrators, with the majority of effort and focus on the employee audience. It’s easy for benefit administrators to neglect or overlook COBRA participants and retirees who also require all the same notifications and timelines as the employee audience.

These two new upgrades help HR professionals ensure that the COBRA, retiree and direct bill audiences are not missed, and that they receive timely communication as required by ERISA. Better yet, these upgrades will reduce the time spent on these audiences by 75 percent or more!

  • Open Enrollment (OE+) facilitates online plan enrollment and payment collection for COBRA participants and retirees, minimizing manual entry. Administrators can automate open enrollment packages including SBCs and plan summaries, review, approve or deny submissions online and manage participant non-response, and more. OE+ also functions in tandem with Travisoft’s Print Fulfillment solution to automate and track all correspondence.
  • Print Fulfillment takes care of printing and mailing benefit notices and communications according to the client’s exact specifications. Clients can choose which communications receive enclosures, Proof of Mailing service or return envelopes. Clients can choose to automate some or all of their communications and can cancel or reschedule a letter at any time. Real-time status reports are available, so clients are in complete control.

These upgrades make Travisoft’s T-COBRAWEB a particularly enticing solution. Those who purchase T-COBRAWEB by September may still have time to implement before open enrollment season. And, anyone who purchases in 2018 will receive a 10% discount. To download details and lock in the savings, visit http://go.travisoft.com/save10.