COBRA Digital Payment Options

Paper checks make COBRA premium payments a hassle. Provide convenient, fast, and secure payment options via ACH and credit card.
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COBRA Digital Payment Options

Eliminate Paper Check Delays

Payments by paper check typically require up to three days for mail delivery plus additional time for the check to clear. ACH and credit card payments can receive instant authorization, which reduces the risk of late payments and can help COBRA participants stay enrolled.

Reduce Human Error

COBRA participants can make payments directly, using online portals. COBRA administrators don’t have to worry about data entry and the risk of miskeying information. COBRA participants also avoid bouncing checks.

COBRA Digital Payment Options
COBRA Digital Payment Options

Enjoy Robust Security

Mail check fraud is a growing problem. Many Americans now don’t want to risk putting checks in the mail. With ACH and credit card payments, COBRA participants can feel safe knowing their payments are being processed in secure, PCI DSS-compliant payment gateways.

Collect Processing Fees

COBRA administrators can pass the processing fees onto COBRA participants by adding these fees to the monthly payment amount. This makes digital payments as cost effective as they are convenient.

COBRA Digital Payment Options

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