COBRA Lockbox & Virtual Mail

Streamline mail digitization and payment processing for a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to paperwork overload and hello to secure and efficient mail handling.
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cobra lockbox and virtual mail

Enable Efficient Remote Work

With remote work becoming the standard, having offsite access to mail has become a business necessity. Travisoft’s virtual mail and lockbox services enable employees to efficiently work from home, accessing digital copies of mail from any location. Eliminating the need for onsite individuals and mail processing equipment allows organizations to save valuable time and resources, in turn enabling their teams to focus on critical tasks like processing election forms and importing payments.

Streamline Mail Digitization and Payment Processing

Unlike other vendors, we’ve seamlessly integrated lockbox and virtual mail services, eliminating limitations, excessive fees, and volume requirements. With us, your payment and non-payment mail are processed together without cost prohibitions, simplifying the entire benefits administration process.

cobra lockbox and virtual mail
cobra lockbox and virtual mail

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

Leveraging a vendor with a large team empowers benefits administrators to enhance their team’s efficiency significantly. Outsourcing lockbox and virtual mail services expedites processing time, allowing businesses to scale operations without hiring additional personnel. Reducing paperwork and manual data entry also enhances accuracy, as payments come pre-reconciled, ensuring error-free processing and speeding up enrollment and reinstatement for newly electing participants.

Save Time and Resources

Through Travisoft’s integrated virtual mail and lockbox services, benefits administrators can save substantial time and resources. Estimations show that clients can save anywhere from 15 to over 200 hours per month, depending on their size and volume. These time savings enable businesses to reallocate efforts towards activities that drive growth and success without the need for additional staff or resources. The service’s efficiency and effectiveness can lead to significant cost savings, potentially paying for itself from the outset.

cobra lockbox and virtual mail
cobra lockbox and virtual mail

Eliminate Paperwork and Enhance Accessibility

With all mail digitized, benefits administrators can bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork and storage concerns. Travisoft’s virtual mail and lockbox services ensure easy and quick access for teams, eliminating the need for manual scanning and internal digitizing. This streamlined approach saves time and enables a more organized and efficient workflow, further enhancing the overall benefits administration process.

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