Open Enrollment for COBRA Participants

​COBRA compliance made easy

Simplify the complexity of Open Enrollment. Easily automate processes to generate, review and print Open Enrollment communications with our interactive dashboard. Our software tracks user activity, reducing risk and human error associated with manual processing. Leave the spreadsheets behind and start creating new opportunities while cutting costs.


Automation – Offer a helping hand

Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes for managing COBRA Open Enrollment and spend more time focusing on the things that matter most. From real-time status updates to automatic report and letter generation, our COBRA Open Enrollment administration software automates workflows which are costing you hours out of your day.

One Solution – All your data in one place

Centralize Open Enrollment and keep your team connected with a central location for all your benefits administration data. Benefits administrators have around the clock access to view information online, run their own reports, and view generated letters, providing one central location to access what they need, when they need it.


Grow – Better service

Improve accuracy and flexibility to do more for your clients – include an open enrollment experience they can value. Reduce errors and time spent managing the open enrollment process manually, and offer your clients added service options which were unmanageable in the past. Increase customer satisfaction and your business when your clients are enjoying the benefits of being able to do more for their participants.

Simplify – Easily manage enrollment

Configure benefit plans and automate the rest. Automatically limit the plans available to select participants, and provide clients online self-service options so they can make their own selections – not only preventing enrollment errors, but also simplifying setup of the most complex plan offerings. Our COBRA Open Enrollment software provides you an easy way to manage all your different clients’ needs while reducing your workload.


Correspondence delivered

With communication options embedded into our dashboard, you have full control of your correspondence without the extra workload. Enjoy built-in flexibility into letters and letter macros, allowing you to customize correspondence at the click of a button. Set up and schedule communication generation in advance, so you have everything you need, when you need it.

Knowledge Partner – Software is Just the Beginning

Today’s complex business requires more than just software. Partnering with our clients, we foster personalized relationships to ensure you meet your business objectives. Our highly trained, in-house customer care team hand-tailors an extensive service offering for each client. Live system support, hands on courses, as well as best practices training are just a few ways we can help maximize your Open Enrollment productivity.


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