Retiree Benefits Administration

​Integrated Billing and Payment Solution

Functionality at your fingertips – simple benefits administration tools with advanced capabilities to meet your retiree & direct billing needs. Seamlessly track your data and access reports of benefit plans, ledger, disbursements and more.


Smart Reporting – All your data in one place

Collecting the data you need has never been easier – our Retiree & Direct Bill software lets you choose from 50+ pre-defined reports and provides the ability to customize your own. Export real-time data at the click of a button or easily schedule delivery straight to your team, so you can have all the information you need, when you need it.

Easy Configuration – Make it your own

Your business model is unique, so why should your retiree & direct bill software be any different? Designed to meet your individual business needs, our retiree & direct bill software allows you to customize portals, provide self-service login to users and manage accounting aspects for participants. With the granularity to customize all the way to individual participants based on class, billing selections, payment method and more, benefits administrators now have the ability to take full control of their processes in one simple solution.


Flexibility – Disbursement and collection your way

Your customers are all different, so you need a flexible payment solution. Our retiree & direct bill software allows you to provide participants different billing methods based on their individual situation. Whether they choose to enroll in ACH payments, need your assistance doing so or simply require automatic payments for their account, you will be able to bill and process all your payments in our system. In addition, Travisoft now offers a Lockbox service, streamlining the premium collection process for you. To find out how our Lockbox Service can save you time and improve your accuracy, download our Lockbox Capabilities profile here

Correspondence – Your letters are delivered

Our Retiree & Direct Bill solution allows you to generate all your related correspondence within the application. Save time with the ability to send notifications of status change to billing statements individually or in batches. Rest assured that with our print and mail fulfillment options, your correspondence is on time and compliant.


Knowledge Partnership – Software is just the beginning

Today’s complex business requires more than just software. Partnering with our clients, we foster personalized relationships to ensure you meet your business objectives. Our highly trained, in-house customer care team hand-tailors an extensive service offering for each client. Live system support, hands on courses, as well as best practices training are just a few ways we can help maximize your retiree benefits administration.

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